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Financial Institution


  • Georgia Community Bank
  • Privately held
  • 18 Georgia Branches
  • 200+ Employees
  • Implemented new core operating system, upgraded PC software, conducted various other bank related programs
  • Branches located in the Georgia lower 40 counties


  • Over $150,000 in Georgia Retraining Tax Credit over 3 years
  • Over $250,000 in Hiring Tax Credits in over 5 years

A profitable privately held Georgia Community bank with an aggressive growth plan has taken advantage of the tax credit benefits available to the banking industry by working with Outlaw Consulting. This client has a strong training plan, documents all employee training efforts and the effort has paid off through state tax credits. The Georgia Retraining Tax Credit has been taken for the past 3 years and will continue to be pursued each year. This client has also had the opportunity to take the Georgia Jobs Tax Credit (a Hiring Tax Credit) because this client has branches in some of the 40 lower developed counties in Georgia.