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Convenience Store Business



  • C Store Operator in Metro Atlanta
  • Total of 20 stores owned
  • 2 stores in Renewal Community
  • Each store has 20 employees
  • Each store has 45 W2’s per year
  • Half of RC store employees live in RC


  • $10,000 in Work Opportunity Tax Credit each year
  • $24,000 in Renewal Community Tax Credit each year
  • $35,000 in Georgia Retraining Tax Credit

Having targeted C-store businesses as an opportunity for federal Hiring Tax Credits, Outlaw Consulting was engaged by a new client in the C-store business. As expected, this company, which operates about 50 rural C-stores, was able to produce some Work Opportunity Tax Credit each year. C-stores tend to hire individuals that had received welfare or food stamps, and thus qualify for these federal credits. They also had 2 locations in the Atlanta Renewal Community resulting in Location Based Incentives.

When we started to work with this company, we did not expect to find much in the way of state tax credits; mainly because these credits generally do not apply to companies in retail businesses. However, this company had undergone a change in point of sale technology that required retraining of their workforce in Georgia, and we generated a $35,000 Georgia Retraining Tax Credit.